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Wood chips

Our wood wastes are frounded in our sawmill; the humidity of the product is around 30%.

Our products are regularly tested to calculate the lower caloric value. 

Formula (in kWh / t) : LCV (E %) = (LCV (0 %) x (100 - E) / 100) - 6 x E With E = humidity (on gross weight) of the wood in percent.

we are using the ITEBE converter to calculate the LCV (click on the link)

In average, the quality of our products is as follow : 

Dimension : P45

Humidity classification : M30 / M35

LCV : 3.16  kWh/t

We can propose a price per tone or per LCV

Downloads and links

Excel file from ITEBE to calculate the lower caloric value

French reference from ADEME for wood chips quality

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