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Our voluntaristic approach in sustainable development is a cornerstone in our company's values.

We are working today to ensure the sustainability of our forests, for generations to come.

We use biological oils for our chainsaw and we make a reasonable forest management.

We only harvest mature oaks, and make a selection of high potential trees, to help them grow in the best conditions. 

French forests are well managed, they offer an abondant and sustainable ressource. 

All our woods are bought locally.


Forestry is a hard work. 

We are lumberjacks in our familiy since several generations and we know the forest work since we were young. 

We promote fair people management; and we have a deep respect for our employees and providers hard work, winter and summer. 

For the same resaons, we're offering good prices for the wood we buy. We want to show to the forests owners our respect to our elders dedication to husbandry that ensures today the wonderful material that is oak. 

We are always intersted to buy wood in our area. Feel free to contact us for more details.


Our most important concern is to give entire satisfaction to our customers. 

We work continually to improve the quality of all our products ; from beams to energy wood.

We are commited to serving our customers ; we adapt our products to their specifications.

Contact us for any information ; we'll offer high quality products at the best price.

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