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A Family story

It all started with the forestry; our core business. 

A quality and environmentally friendly forestry is our commitment since 3 generations. 

We are using biological oil for our chainsaw to protect soils and biodiversity. 

We are working hard today while preparing for tomorrow and we remain committed to protecting our forests. 

We buy our woods to the National Forest Office (ONF) to experts and forest management associations. All of them are PEFC and manage their forests in a susbainable way. The woods to cut are selectedby the forestry experts of these partners. They decide which mature tree must be cut to enable other trees of high potential to grow. 

We don't make clear-cutting. 

We also buy directly to forests owners ; in that case our role is to advise during a visit of the forest. 

We'll select the trees that must be cut, make a price proposal, select the high potential trees and make sure that they'll have enough space to grow. we'll then harvest the woods. 

A well managed forest is an investment for the future and means its prosperity.  It can also mean significant gains for you. 

We are also intersted in purchasing forests. If you want to sell you forest to an eco-friendly company that will respect it; contact us !

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